Ambulance Rates


BestCare Ambulance sets its rates to be comparable to our competitors.  Unfortunately we are not the least expensive ambulance service out there, but we are certainly not close to the the most expensive either.  At BestCare we try to keep ambulance costs low, however providing high quality ambulance care takes expensive equipment, well paid employees and lots of training and practice.  It is really that simple. 


When most people want an ambulance, they want the best care they can get and price is never the concern at the time. This makes sense, especially when a life is on the line but also when we want to be absolutely certain our loved ones are cared for professionally with genuaine warmth and compassion.  The old adage that the bitterness of poor quality last much longer than the sweetness of cheap price is especially true for ambulance services.  In the back of an ambulance, you only have that one chance to get it right.


Gratitude is the quickest forgotten of all emotions.  That is why we publish our rates, for those folks who aren't as concerned about the quality of ambulancecare they get in as much as they are about the price or ambulance. 

Base Rates/Loading Fees



Basic Life Support  $   1,200.00

Basic Life Support  $   1,300.00
Advanced Life Support 1  $   1,400.00
Advanced Life Support 1 Emergency  $   1,500.00
Advanced Life Support 2  $   1,800.00

Specialty Care Transfer

 $   2,100.00




Mileage Charges.  (per loaded mile only, no charge for unloaded miles)


Basic Life Support Mileage

 $         80.00

Per Loaded mile

Advance Life Support Mileage

 $         80.00

Per Loaded mile

Long Distance Mileage   *

 $         80.00

Per Loaded mile


*Long distance transfers result in more time out of service, longer uncompensated carrying costs and more overtime to cover out of service ambulance for long periods

While we do not have a complete rate comparison for our competitors, we have the obtained the following sampling. Rates of competitors as published in the Manchester, NH RFP for Ambulance.  A patient forwarded a bill to me that he received from a fourth.

Should you have any questions about your bill please do not hesitate to reach out to Nancy in our billing office.  603.527.3553.


As you can see below in the graphic created by the State of New Hampshire's Insurance Commission in their report on ambulance rates, While BestCare is not the rock bottom lowest priced ambulance service, we still provide patients an exceptional value for what we charge.  As the unbiased chart clearly shows, only Twin Rivers, which sadly went out of business and Berlin Emergency Medical Service had lower prices per mile of patient care. 


Based on this chart, American Medical Response, the nation's largest provider is 250% more expensive than we are, and others are even more.


***    Base Rate for Lifeline Reflects $2,200 base fee plus $500 Cardiac Monitor fee, which is ostensibly included in the other companies' "all Inclusive" base rates as published

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